Scorpio New Moon – Status : It’s Complicated

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Fresh off the Sun’s ingress to Scorpio, Monday 28th of October (AEST) delivers a Volatile Scorpio New Moon. The New Moon at 4 ° Scorpio, opposite Uranus at 4 ° Taurus, is a perfect storm for challenges and turbulence. Scorpio isn’t afraid upheaval or turbulence. Uranus LIVES for it, this is the first time a New Moon in Scorpio has faced off to Uranus in Taurus, so to a degree its un-charted Waters. The turbulence, volatility, disruption and potential pattern breaking created by this formation will linger for 2 weeks after this Lunation, until the Full Moon. Creating an intense 2 weeks.

Also, at this lunation, Mars, Saturn and The Nodes will form a T-Square, adding to the fricative quality. This Cardinal T-Square will be putting the squeeze on issues that may have popped up during the Cancer – Capricorn Eclipse season. As this T-Square is of a malefic quality, it might not be the most comfortable of aspects, coinciding with this New Moon. Adding to this strange and aggressive mix, is Mercury also in Scorpio, coming to a standstill, before it begins its retrogradation a few days later. Nothing says Welcome to Scorpio Season more than a bit of challenge and volatility. This New Moon isn’t all peace love and rainbows. So, settle in, buy the ticket take the ride, because is sure as hell won’t be quiet and still! 🌞🌚♏️ 🙄👻 #thebrujamix #luminaryastrology #astrology#newmoon #newmooninscorpio #aries #taurus#gemini #cancer #leo #virgo #libra #scorpio #scorpioseason #sagittarius #capricorn #aquarius #pisces

Mercury in Scorpio – Words and Power

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Today 4 October – Mercury enters Scorpio where it will stay until 9 December. A 3 week tour of Scorpio becomes a 2 month journey. The final Mercury Retrograde of 2019 occurs from 1 November – 21 November, activating planets in the 11° – 27° zone of Scorpio and Fixed Sign Planets. Simple Plan – stop and remember this when you feel a tail rising or being triggered. Words have great power, sometimes more power than people give credit for ❤️ 🌹🌊 this transit may give great scope into this rumination – words and power 🧩📖📝💻🔐🔍

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Saturn & Pluto Direct – Got Me Thinking


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Pluto has just Stationed Direct, 17 days after Saturn also came out of its Retrograde phase. Both are now on track for their infamous meeting in January 2020. Outer Planet Retrogrades are a different vibe to Inner planet retrogrades i.e.: Mercury, Venus or Mars.  Outer planet retrogrades have a more regular cycle and time stamps. Pluto Retrogrades don’t vary much year to year. It’s just path of the cycle.

If Pluto is hitting personal planets, yes there is much more heat and gravitas, the retrograde just elongates the transit, but generally it is not as malefic or troublesome, in comparison to inner planet retrogradation’s. Pluto and Saturn going direct IS the last retrograde the pair complete before they meet in January 2020.

The Saturn Pluto conjunctions ARE heavy (historically and energetically). They are peak markers for Totalitarianism, Power Struggles and Clashes. The last Saturn Pluto conjunction was in 1982. Ronald Reagan, mainly known as an actor became President of the United States. The UK had Margaret Thatcher who was demolishing the status quo and creating the free-market economy … dear I say a reality tv host is President now and Brexit isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence. Previous to 1982, Saturn Pluto conjoined in post WW2 politics. Seeing new territories such as Israel created, and the carving up of the Middle East. Pluto and Saturn maybe finally moving forwards – but it is there conjunction in January 2020, that’s really got me thinking 💥🔍🧩

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